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    How to request a sig or avatar Empty How to request a sig or avatar

    Post by Sabre|X on Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:43 pm

    Okay here are some requesting rules, please read these before you make a request in this forum.

    -First, we ask that you be an active member before requesting images. Artists like to see their sig being used.

    your thread is actually a request thread, plz put [REQ] in the Subject
    box so people will know that you're requesting someone to do your sig.

    threads if it doesn't matter who makes the image. Post in an individual
    member's thread if you specifically want that person to make the
    sig/avatar for you. (Try not to load too much work on one artist) You
    can also send a PM to amember if you wish.

    -Title your request threads "(your name here)'s Sig and/or Avatar Request". For example: John's Avatar Request.

    possible, provide information about the sig such as character(s) you
    want in it, what colour you would like it to be, where you would like
    your name etc.

    -Provide pictures to put into the avatar or sig if you would like.

    -Be patient. There are a lot of requests to go through, and we will get to yours in time.

    receiving your sig, thank the person who made it for you, either in
    person or give credit in your sig. You don't always have to do this,
    but it's a good way to show thanks.

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