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    Download Premium Files from Megamanager Empty Download Premium Files from Megamanager

    Post by Sabre|X on Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:42 pm

    YOU MUST HAVE MEGAMANAGER and be a PREMIUM MEMBER before or at theexpiration date (or a regular member at or after the expiration date).This only affects Megamanager.

    1. Make sure your not on Megamanager.

    2. Right click at the Time/Date label or anywhere in your taskbar and click Adjust Date/Time.

    3. Move the date to anywhere before the date that your membership expires.

    4.Open Megamanager. If the Account Data says 'Premium' and doesn't havethat Premium Upgrade thing at the top then you done it correctly. Idunno if this would also affect the web version of it since I did thismethod the day after my membership was expired. If it does work onthat, too, then great!

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