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    Post by Sabre|X on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:00 am

    RULE 1: Chat forum is a section to discuss topics unrelated to anime in
    a civilized and intelligent manner. This means do not post one-word
    answers, that really don't contribute the the conversation.

    2: Try to stay away from sensitive topics like religion. Sometimes
    topics like this will come up, and that's okay, but use discretion.

    3: NO FLAMING! This is also part of the main forum rules, but it needs
    emphasis. I know we can have fun and flame each other without intending
    to actually hurt the other person's feelings, but once again use your
    intelligence here. If someone flames you and you take offense to it,
    don't flame back, that just shows immaturity. Contact me or another mod
    and we can resolve it in a civilized fashion.

    RULE 4: Do not
    post on old topics unless you have an intelligent reason to do so. This
    is basically saying no bumping. This doesn't mean that one a topic gets
    old it has to die, and no one's allowed to post, but this builds off
    rule one in that using a quick unintelligent post that barely qualifies
    as on topic with the intent of bringing traffic back to a thread is
    against the rules.

    RULE 5: Do not create topic titles with all caps. Try and use proper grammar, thus making threads easily readable.

    RULE 6: Stuff like religion, politics, war, gender-related issues, current events, and world events are allowed only in this forum, but try to keep it PG.

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